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The new Ratatat album has leaked.  LP4 is supposed to be “weird” according to the band, so I’m curious to have a listen.  That’s all for now, as it’s time to disappear for a week.  See you after finals.

Download link removed at request.  I guess I’m hitting the big time or something.

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I was recently browsing Pitchfork (an extreme rarity) when I noticed that lots of things I have been recommending appear in their “Best New Tracks” section.  So I feel pretty much useless.

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New Stuff Is Happening

Sorry non-existent readers, I’ve been busy with school and such and unable to update for a while.  Don’t worry though, soon it will be summer and I will most likely be unemployed and bored for a while, so expect lots of updates then.

It’s just about spring album release time, and there are lots of big names lined up this year.  First up, LCD Soundsystem.  Their new album This Is Happening isn’t actually being released until May 17th, so don’t spread any mp3’s or you might go to jail.  In case this blog post is used in the future against me: Hi judge, you’re looking dashingly handsome/devastatingly beautiful today.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of LCD Soundsystem.  I’m not sure what it is, but while everyone else raved about their stuff, I just thought it was kind of alright.  I did enjoy 45:33, their Nike-sponsored workout mix thing.  (It’s actually 45:58 long, strangely.)  Other than that and “North American Scum” off of Sound of Silver, I wasn’t impressed.  That is, until I got my hands on This Is Happening.  I’m not sure if I finally got James Murphy, but this album is awesome.  Perhaps the album title was a reference to me finally welcoming LCD Soundsystem into my regular music rotation.  LCDS is hard to place for me, but I guess you could call it electronic-dance-punk-something-or-other.  I’ve never been good with genres.  Either way, This Is Happening is delightfully dancey, a quality always welcome in any music.  TIH is sure to be on many top ten of twenty ten lists, even though it’s songs aren’t exactly something you’ll hear on the radio.  With a song called “Drunk Girls” how could they lose!  Check out “All I Want below.

James Murphy, opera singer

Download This Is Happening

Next up is MGMT, who’s new release Congratulations might be one of the most anticipated releases this year.  MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular is just plain fun to listen to.  The follow up is not.  I read an article in the paper here about the album , which basically said while Congratulations is nothing like it’s predecessor in that it has no more infectious melodies or happiness, it still succeeds in that the band is going the direction they want to.  I’m really happy MGMT made a record that they can say is exactly what they wanted.  So super happy for them.  Congratulations even.  Unfortunately, Congratulations not what I wanted.  I’ll admit that all I wanted was another Oracular Spectacular.  If they would have changed the beat a little and thrown in some new lyrics about being young and carefree, I would have been incredibly happy, and probably played the record over and over this summer.  Instead, I’ll be listening to “Youth” and “Electric Feel.”  Give it a listen if you’re into bands going in unwelcome new directions.

MGMT, sticking it to the man in unlistenable fashion.

Download Congratulations (the album, not plaudits)

The Black Keys are cool.  There’s no other way to put it.  Just coolBrothers, their latest effort, is no different.  While perhaps not as strong as some of their other albums, Brothers maintains that wonderful bluesy jangle that The Black Keys have going for them.  It’s amazing to me how they’ve been able to consistently put out quality albums with nary a let down.  If you like this album , be sure to check out their back catalog, as it’s full of gems.  Also amazing is that they’re only a duo.  They definitely sound like a bigger band.  This is another album not due out for another month, oh the wonders of the internet.  Remember the days when you actually had to wait until the actual release date to hear an album?  I don’t.  Listen up to “Tighten Up”:

Yeah, they went this route. Don't worry, it's cool.

Download Brothers (The album, not siblings)

The last item of this edition of New Junk is the new Crystal Castles album.  I’m warning you right now: this isn’t for everyone.  Crystal Castles is probably most-often classified as chiptune.  I have no idea what that means, nor does anyone else in the world.  It’s kind of electronic  spacey-mixed-with-abrasive beat driven stuff.  If you don’t download it after that description, there’s something wrong with you.  Anyway, Crystal Castles burst onto the scene with their highly acclaimed debut Crystal Castles. They’ve followed that up with their new album Crystal Castles. Yup, that’s right, both albums are named Crystal Castles. Unfortunately this wreaks havoc upon iTunes, which wants to recognize both albums as one.  Thanks Crystal Castles for making both Crystal Castles and Crystal Castles have the same name!  iTunes frustrations aside, the album is actually pretty good, though I haven’t decided whether I like it as much as their first album yet.  I really like “Celestica,” but it’s not characteristic of the rest of the album at all.  Give it a listen if you want to listen to some weird stuff, who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sticking it to the man Steve Jobs style; so cool it hurts

Download Crystal Castles

Well, that does it for this edition of New Junk.  I hope you like the name New Junk. I sure like New Junk.  Next time I’ll have the new Band of Horses, The National, and Foals, which all better be as awesome as I expect them to be.

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And who can blame him?  Last year, Delorean released their Ayrton Senna EP and generated some serious internet buzz.  With Delorean hailing from Barcelona, I always figured “Ayrton Senna” was some strange foreign phrase or something, but it’s actually the name of a Brazilian race car driver who died in 1994.  Fascinating.  Strange names aside, the EP can only be described as dancy and poppy, and wonderfully so.  Below is “Deli:”

Dead Brazilian racecar driver? I think not.

Recently, Delorean released their highly-anticipated full-length follow-up, Subiza.  Unfortunately, there is no strange meaning behind the name this time, as it’s named for the town it was recorded in.  Boring.  Luckily, that’s all that’s boring about the album.  While the band received a lot of acclaim for the Ayrton Senna EP, Subiza is not a carbon copy of that.  It’s similar in that it’s awesome, but it certainly is different.  After hearing the EP and growing to love it, I could see the band going in one of two directions.  1.  Try to reproduce the sound that gained them fame, fail miserably, and fade into musical oblivion.  Or 2.  Move in a slightly new direction while maintaining their identity as a band.  Thankfully, Delorean took their fiber, and #2 has occurred.  Don’t get me wrong, the music is similar on both records, but Subiza goes in exactly the right direction that you want it to.  It ranges from moments of euphoria to moments where you just want to dance.  “Real Love” is my early nominee for song of the summer:

I'm super mad I was at school when they played in Philadelphia. Also because this album cover stinks.

It seems pretty much everything I’ve talked about either has to do with me not wanting to go to class or me wanting it to be summer.  I sense a theme.

Speaking of euphoric European dance music, Delphic came out with a pretty great album in January.  It’s much further to the electronic side of things, but still great to say the least.  Download links for everything mentioned are below.

Download Delorean – Ayrton Senna EP

Download Delorean – Subiza

Download Delphic – Acolyte

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DO YOU SEE THAT??  DO YOU SEE THAT SMALL TRIANGLE WITH A SMALLER TRIANGLE NEXT TO IT??  Those triangles represent the 3 beautiful readers of this blog.  Actually, maybe it was only two, with one person so enthralled by the copious amount of content posted here that he came back two days later.  If you are reading this, you have become your own triangle, or perhaps you have combined with other people to form a larger and more pointy triangle.  HELLO TRIANGLES!  Heck, if people start visiting on consecutive days, we could end up with some crazy pentagons, or even heptagons!  Anyway, onto other things.

It’s that time in the semester when it seems like there’s better options than going to class.  In fact, any option seems better.  The weather is nice, and the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in a classroom learning about Poisson random variables and how they’re distributed.  If I somehow make it out the door and walk to class, all I’ll be thinking about is how I want to stop walking to class, lay down in the grass, and listen to music.  I made this playlist in anticipation of the day when deciphering the Senegalese accent of my statistics professor is too much to bear.  It’s part damn-I-feel-cool-while-walking, part this-is-creepy-but-I-kinda-like-it, and part I-just-want-to-sit-outside-at-night-and-watch-the-Phillies.  I hope it makes you feel as apathetic as it does me!

You Should Probably Go to Class Mix

Note: Chase Utley appears here so that when you think of skipping class, you instead imagine Chase Utley saying “You Should Probably Go to Class.”  You will then go to class, because when Chase Utley tells you to do something, you do it.



1)  Passion Pit – Swimming In the Flood

2)  Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

3)  Broken Social Scene – Looks Just Like the Sun

4)  Bonobo – Days to Come

5)  Beach House – Norway

6)  The Notwist – One With The Freaks

7)  Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Remix)

8)  Lali Puna – Scary World Theory

9)  Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer

10) Phoenix – Fences (25 Hrs a Day Remix)

11) Bonobo – Kiara

12) Memory Cassette – Surfin’

13) Philippians – Liz Ride

Recommended Listening

Chiddy Bang’s new mini-mixtape thing came out yesterday or something, and it’s official, Chiddy Bang is awesome.  They played at a frat house here at Penn State last night, which I had no idea about and missed.  Apparently they showed up 5 hours late and only got to play for a half hour before getting shut down due to loud noise. “Air Swell” as the mixtape is called has that wonderful awesome amazing remix of Under the Sheets by Ellie Goulding that I’m in love with.  The rest is pretty dang good too, so give it a listen.

Chiddy Bang – Air Swell

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