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Music videos are the strangest things.

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Those were the words uttered from one D.A. Wallach, lead singer of Chester French, and the host of Get Right Radio – Summer ’09 Edition.  The mixtape, assembled by DJ Benzi, was one of my favorite things to listen to last summer.  That being said, the aforementioned host was awful.  I guess he’s Benzi’s friend or something, but that’s still not a good enough reason to tarnish an otherwise perfect mixtape with some hipster white kid demanding the DJ play his latest “smash single.”  Not only does it stick out horribly from the rest of the mix, it’s not even good.  I’m not quite sure how D.A. came to the conclusion that this was a smash single, because it sucks.  You be the judge:

You may note that D.A. (on the left) looks like a spoiled rich kid from Harvard.  Because he is.  Thus I am perplexed why exactly he chose to tell Benzi to “drop that shit,” as I’m sure he doesn’t speak that way normally.  I can only assume that he is aware that he doesn’t fit with the rest of the mix and is trying to sound more like the rest of the artists that are featured.  Now, I am a big fan of Ironic White Boy Humor, but as far as I can tell, D.A. wasn’t being ironic, and was instead being a waste of my time as I hit the “Next” button.

That being said, the mixtape was perfect for summer and garnered many plays during my drives between State College and home.  I have been waiting patiently for this summer’s edition, as summer is already more than half over.  My prayers have finally been answered.  Thank you, God.  It has arrived.

This year’s host is thankfully LMFAO.  No more non sequiturs that wreck the flow of the tape.  Hallelujah!  This year’s mix features more Mike Posner (a friend of Benzi’s), including an interesting edit of “Cooler Than Me” which I think is pretty rad.   When I put the mixtape into iTunes, the genre was listed as “Club.”  I was puzzled at this because that is not the Benzi I know, but this tape much more dance oriented than the 2009 version, which had more hip hop than dance music.  Benzi also included a couple Chiddy Bang songs/remixes.  It’s certainly good to see them get more exposure, as they definitely deserve it.  Better yet, he’s used their “Under the Sheets” remix!  That scores major points from me, as that still gets nearly daily rotation around here.

Benzi also gets points for his choice of cover art

I’m liking that Benzi’s gone in a very different direction than last year.  The 2009 tape was mostly popular songs, or remixes of popular songs.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great and I loved every second of it (except when D.A. spoke/sang), but there wasn’t much that was really new.  The dance element was still there, but it was more about hip hop than anything.  This year you’re sure to still recognize some songs, but much more of it will be new.  You will want to shake your behind more than before as well.

You can get the free mixtape either by poking around Benzi’s site (features a full tracklist), or you can download it directly.  I recommend the 2009 edition as well, as it still is a great listen (apart from the Chester French bits).

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Duck Sauce – “Anyway”

The Twelves – “Works for Me”

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“Heavy Pop,” from Manchester-based super secret shady band WU LYF:

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Somehow someone managed to make this song even creepier!

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