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Scott Hartnell, a true Canadian hero

Yesterday while listening to my Last.fm Recommendation Radio, a song by Darwin Deez popped up.  I immediately thought of this picture of Scott Hartnell.  My mind is a scary place.  Anyway, whether it be through reminders of Hartnell’s 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff heroics or something else, I quite enjoyed this Darwin Deez fellow.  I figured that it was just one man, Darwin Deez, who was responsible for the music, but upon further research it appears that his band’s name is Darwin Deez.  But the frontman is also named Darwin Deez.  Uh, whatever.

Prince meets poodle in "Office Space"

I grabbed his/their album, and gave it a good listen through.  I’m pretty sure I’ve heard “Radar Detector” somewhere before, but I can’t place it:

The album is self-titled, so it’s also called Darwin Deez.  Hopefully he/they don’t pull a Crystal Castles and name their second album Darwin Deez too.  That would just be too much.

From start to finish, the album is really easy to listen to.  Punctuated by infectious guitar riffs, the songs are simple yet fun to listen to.  Darwin Deez’s (the man) vocals fit perfectly with the guitar tracks and drum machine.  There’s even some good beeps and boops in there if you listen closely.  I think I could get bored of the simplicity after another album or two, but for now it’s new and another great summer album.  Listen to “My DNA”:

Something about the guitar riff in the chorus makes me keep it on repeat longer than I should.  Perhaps when the internet calms down about the new Arcade Fire album I will be able to discover more new gems like this one.

Download Darwin Deez by Darwin Deez featuring Darwin Deez

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