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So here it is, seemingly six months in the making, pots&pans+spoon’s homage to the late, great Voxtrot.  I have somehow found time in between March Madness games to find writing motivation, so here I am.

Frontman Ramesh Srivastava. So precious.

First, a little history.  Voxtrot came into being and was awesome from the start.  Some of their early stuff sounded a lot like Belle & Sebastian, which isn’t a bad thing.  Here’s an early demo of “The Start of Something“:

They quickly added a little edge to their sound and created the most perfect blend of indie pop and rock this world has ever known.  To this day there remains nothing as perfect as Ramesh’s blending of poignant coming-of-age lyrics and jangly pop hooks.

The band released 3 EP’s, all adored by critics and music listeners everywhere.  Here’s “Wrecking Force” from the Raised By Wolves EP:

Due to the hype surrounding the three EPs, Voxtrot’s first full length album was hotly anticipated by music fans everywhere.  As happens sometimes in this situation, the self-titled album wasn’t everything it was hyped up to be.  Reception was lukewarm at best, the album failing to live up to the extremely high standards set by the EPs.

I actually quite like the album, though I don’t love it as much as Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives or Raised By Wolves.  Most people don’t seem to agree with me though.  Here’s “Ghost” off the full-length:

Everyone’s slight disappointment turned to horror as 2 years after the albums release, Voxtrot released a new single, “Trepanation Party.”  I’m not going to post that here.  Not that it’s the worst song in the world, it’s just very far from the Voxtrot I know and love.

Another new single was soon released, thankfully sounding something more like the old Voxtrot.  This would be the last thing released from the band, as exactly one year after announcing the band was working on material for a second album, Ramesh posted on his blog that the band was breaking up after a short tour, citing extreme pressure and a songwriting rut.

Hearts were broken, tears were shed.  Fortunately the band left behind two of my favorite EPs ever, and some other freaking awesome stuff.  Ramesh manages to pack a novel’s worth of words into each song and deliver them with a poise and sweetness I’ll never get tired of.

The best ever

Ramesh’s blog is also a great read.  It’s always interesting to gain insight into artists’ thought processes, especially when they write as eloquently and interestingly as Ramesh does.  His post about the bands break up is especially interesting/sad.

Today is a landmark here at potspansspoon, as we are offering our first p&p+s Download Value Pack!  For the price of one download you will receive all 3 incredible EPs from Voxtrot (Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives, Raised By Wolves, and Your Biggest Fan), as well as their self-titled album and the L’Adieu a l’Été demo.  That’s an incredible download value if I ever did see one.

Download the p&p+s Voxtrot Download Value Pack

What a great value!  I have even more good news too!!  As I was gathering the link to Ramesh’s blog I noticed that he posted about a month ago linking to his new site and talking about some kind of new musical venture.  To say I’m excited would be an understatement, as I have struggled to finish writing this post without venturing over to the new site to check out the new stuff.

I’m glad I finally got around to writing this post, as Voxtrot is one of my favorites, plus I found that link to Ramesh’s new stuff, so that rules too.  Next time maybe I’ll have the new Strokes album , which I still haven’t gotten around to listening to.  Or maybe I’ll have some Youth On Fire stuff!  Or Maybe both!  It’s a mystery!  Pots!  Pans!  Spoon!

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Do You Like Bass?

Classixx – I’ll Get You (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Real post this week!  Maybe!

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Hello Mr. Blog, it’s been a while. While I was gone, Radiohead decided they would announce the release of their new record The King of Limbs much in the same vein of their In Rainbows release.  Again they’re releasing independently, but without the pay-what-you-want scheme of In Rainbows. Digital downloads are priced at $9 for MP3 and $14 for lossless WAV files.  There is also the fancy vinyl package for $48.

The price point is very interesting to me, as retail CD’s don’t go for much more than the $9 or even $14 they want for the download.  Especially since they are releasing this independently as a download and distribution costs are virtually zero, they stand to make lots and lots of money.

Well enough about that.  After In Rainbows seemed to be a combination of their previous records, I was interested to see where Radiohead would go with this one.  They had released a couple of singular songs in the past year or so, none of which I was really a fan of.


The King of Limbs is short.  8 songs, 37.5 minutes.  Radiohead had previously said that they would like to move away from full-length albums and more toward an EP-based approach, so maybe that’s why TKOL is at a kind of in-between length.  So for a minimum of $9 you get 8 songs.  I think that’s roughly what an album costs on iTunes, though I haven’t bought music from there in a long time.  Apple takes something like 30% of all sales on iTunes, which means Radiohead is making more per-sale than they would on iTunes.  Which is a long cry from the pay-what-you-want model of In Rainbows.  HAHA OKAY REALLY DONE TALKING ABOUT MONEY NOW.

As for the music, the album is a lot more stripped-down than anything else from Radiohead.  Stylistically I’d say it’s somewhere in between Amnesiac and In Rainbows.  It’s more percussive and a lot less melody-centric than I’m used to from them.  It’s certainly a long way away from the triple-guitar driven days of the late nineties.

I guess everyone should stop being surprised when new Radiohead sounds completely different than old Radiohead, seeing as this is the band that has released Pablo Honey and Amnesiac without skipping a beat.

There were too many words in a row so I put this here.

Here’s “Codex“:

I’ve been discussing this with one Rajib K. Mitra, and we both agree that if you’re looking for serious catchy guitar riffs, you’re going to be disappointed.  Fortunately, Radiohead does downtempo sad songs as well as anybody.  The King of Limbs is not something you’re going to want to listen to when you want to rock out and pep up your day.

There are some rumors going around that the band is going to release more songs at some point, as the album currently is quite short, and there are many other songs known to be recorded that are not present in the track listing.  There’s also something in the lyrics for “Separator” (the last song) about ‘If you think this is over/Then you’re wrong.’  Radiohead have been known to put little hidden things (the presence of the number 10 in In Rainbows, Kid 17) within their albums, so I guess nothing’s out of the question.  I would think this would be the last release for at least 6 months though.

So, watch this:

The jury is out on whether this is a legitimate artistic dance interpretation of “Lotus Flower” or whether Thom is snickering at everyone taking this seriously.  It’s certainly a change of image for a man seemingly irked by the spotlight throughout his career.  As happens with an video of something dancing goofily on the internet, people have taken Thom’s dance and set it to a variety of hilarious soundtracks, this being the best I’ve seen so far:

via Dumb-Bee Elkins

Regardless of your enjoyment of the album, I hope you can agree that Thom dancing to Beyoncé is hilariously awesome.

Download The King Of Limbs

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The dirty version of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy leaked yesterday.  I’ve heard a lot of the songs before, as a lot of them were in that 35 minute video for “Runaway”, but as a whole it sounds good.  I’m only about halfway through, but I can see this sitting pretty high on my list of favorite Kanye albums.  I’d say it’s about what I expected, though that probably comes from hearing a lot of the songs before.  It’s certainly a departure from 808’s and Heartbreaks (and I liked that a lot more than most people).  Favorites so far are “All of the Lights”, “So Appalled”, and “Devil in a New Dress.”  There’s sure to be some eventual Kanye classics on here.

Download My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Also of note is that there are 5 alternate covers for the album, including this:

Kanye doing a bird lady

Kanye doing a bird lady.

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This is Tinie Tempah’s “Wonderman” featuring the lovely Ellie Goulding, who is incredible here.  Disc-Overy comes out in a couple days, and a couple listens through I think it’s really great.  Perhaps I will write about it a little more one day.  Hahahah yeah right.

In other news Chiddy Bang has a new EP coming out in a few weeks or something.  I’ve only listened through one time but it seems pretty solid.  I can’t wait for their full length next year.  Darwin Deez is featured in the new EP.  I think all the artists I mention on this blog meet up and collaborate to blow my mind.

I promise promise to have a real post soon, hopefully by next weekend or so.  This song is more than enough to hold you over until then though.  If nothing else you can listen to the funny English accents.

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My current obsession is These Things Move In Threes by Mumm-Ra.  Unfortunately, it was the only album that they released during their 8 year existence, but damn is it ever good.  I should give it a good and proper description and download link one of these days, but for now all you get is “Light Up This Room:”

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Those were the words uttered from one D.A. Wallach, lead singer of Chester French, and the host of Get Right Radio – Summer ’09 Edition.  The mixtape, assembled by DJ Benzi, was one of my favorite things to listen to last summer.  That being said, the aforementioned host was awful.  I guess he’s Benzi’s friend or something, but that’s still not a good enough reason to tarnish an otherwise perfect mixtape with some hipster white kid demanding the DJ play his latest “smash single.”  Not only does it stick out horribly from the rest of the mix, it’s not even good.  I’m not quite sure how D.A. came to the conclusion that this was a smash single, because it sucks.  You be the judge:

You may note that D.A. (on the left) looks like a spoiled rich kid from Harvard.  Because he is.  Thus I am perplexed why exactly he chose to tell Benzi to “drop that shit,” as I’m sure he doesn’t speak that way normally.  I can only assume that he is aware that he doesn’t fit with the rest of the mix and is trying to sound more like the rest of the artists that are featured.  Now, I am a big fan of Ironic White Boy Humor, but as far as I can tell, D.A. wasn’t being ironic, and was instead being a waste of my time as I hit the “Next” button.

That being said, the mixtape was perfect for summer and garnered many plays during my drives between State College and home.  I have been waiting patiently for this summer’s edition, as summer is already more than half over.  My prayers have finally been answered.  Thank you, God.  It has arrived.

This year’s host is thankfully LMFAO.  No more non sequiturs that wreck the flow of the tape.  Hallelujah!  This year’s mix features more Mike Posner (a friend of Benzi’s), including an interesting edit of “Cooler Than Me” which I think is pretty rad.   When I put the mixtape into iTunes, the genre was listed as “Club.”  I was puzzled at this because that is not the Benzi I know, but this tape much more dance oriented than the 2009 version, which had more hip hop than dance music.  Benzi also included a couple Chiddy Bang songs/remixes.  It’s certainly good to see them get more exposure, as they definitely deserve it.  Better yet, he’s used their “Under the Sheets” remix!  That scores major points from me, as that still gets nearly daily rotation around here.

Benzi also gets points for his choice of cover art

I’m liking that Benzi’s gone in a very different direction than last year.  The 2009 tape was mostly popular songs, or remixes of popular songs.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great and I loved every second of it (except when D.A. spoke/sang), but there wasn’t much that was really new.  The dance element was still there, but it was more about hip hop than anything.  This year you’re sure to still recognize some songs, but much more of it will be new.  You will want to shake your behind more than before as well.

You can get the free mixtape either by poking around Benzi’s site (features a full tracklist), or you can download it directly.  I recommend the 2009 edition as well, as it still is a great listen (apart from the Chester French bits).

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