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Luv Deluxe

This is definitely one of the most interesting/awesome/neat-o music videos I’ve ever seen.  It doesn’t hurt that the song rules too.

HD > Full Screen > Aw Yeah.


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It wasn’t long ago that I saw a female singer as strange.  My music library was decidedly masculine and contained very few, if any, bands fronted by women.  That has long since changed, as my music tastes have found room for the occasional listen to a purely poppy album or two.

Mmmmm, poppy.

I’ve previously discussed my love for Chiddy Bang’s “Under the Sheets” remix of Ellie Goulding.  Through that, I checked out her full album, and much to my surprise, I loved it.  I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I found my self not being able to stop listening to it for about a week or so.  I think it’s the English accent.  It’s just so cute.  English accent + Autotune = awesome.  Have a listen to “Guns and Horses:”

Download Lights

La Roux’s “Bulletproof” has been gaining some radio play lately, and deservedly at that.   Another UK export, La Roux is fronted by the “androgynous” Elanor Jackson, notable for her hair and intense looks.  “La Roux” roughly means “red-haired-one” in French, with a male connotation.  How fitting!

Another chance to use my "notice the hair" tag

Looks aside, La Roux is perfectly electropoppy in all the right ways.  The lyrics are nothing too awesome, but that doesn’t really matter.  Here’s “In For the Kill:” (Look up The Twelves’ remix of this if you’re looking for a dance party)

Download La Roux

Unless you have been deaf your whole life and have only recently regained your sense of hearing thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, I’m sure you’ve heard of Ke$ha and “Tik Tok.”  I wouldn’t blame you if you’re sick of hearing it and are annoyed at Ke$ha and the ridiculous dollar sign in her name.  You can think whatever you’d like, but Ke$ha’s Animal will always have a place in my heart.  I guess I have a thing for females and their autotuned voices.  Animal is maybe a bit long, and could benefit from removing some songs (especially Dinosaur), but if you frequent the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Route 322, you will probably see me speeding and shamelessly singing the majority of the songs on this album.  I love her album, but there’s some things about Ke$ha I find hard to like.  Her dollar sign, her wardrobe, and her whole image in general come to mind.

I don't think I'll ever understand fashion

Good thing none of those things affect my enjoyment of her album.  You’ve probably heard it already, but here’s “Your Love is My Drug:”

Download Animal

Lastly, we have a mix between The Rapture and a little bit of Karen O in the form of Australian band Cassette Kids.  Their debut Nothing On TV was released in April, and is very awesome.  It also helps that the lead singer is very attractive.

My future wife, Katarina, with some losers.

The album is delightfully energetic and solid all the way through.  I guess this falls under ‘synthpop’ maybe.  I never know.  Either way, you need to listen, so here:

Download Nothing On TV

That’s all for this edition of Ayo, Females.  Tune in next time for The Twelves, because posting about them this time made me want to do them justice with a full post.

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