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I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while, but I finally put together some dance shit.  I say dance shit because I don’t know what to call it.  There’s some house, some electronic stuff, maybe some trip-hop, as well as some funky bits.  Funky Bits would make a good band name.

Mostly I was going for songs that are danceable, but there are definitely some songs on here that aren’t really.  So it’s pretty much all the songs that I felt like piking whenever I put this together.  It’s a mystery to everyone!  Even me!

Download Dance Shit

The first Google Image result for "dance shit". Note: the filename is "laserbeast_teeth.jpeg"


1) The Twelves – Works for Me

2) Tinie Tempah & Swedish House Mafia – Miami 2 Ibiza

3) Pendulum – Plasticworld

4) Monarchy – Maybe I’m Crazy

5) Steve Angello & An21 – Valodja

6) Steve Angello & Sebastien Ingrosso – Partouze

7) Miami Horror – Sometimes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix)

8 ) Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)

9) Axwell – Nothing But Love (Remode)

10) Cassette Kids – Lying Around (Diamond Cut Radio Edit)

11) Neelix – Disco Decay (Felguk Remix)

12) 80kidz – Reflex

13) Magic Machines – Sicky

14) Classixx – Cold Act Ill (Radio Mix)

15) Erlend Oye – Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix)

16) Classixx – I’ll Get You (Treasure Fingers Remix)

If you couldn’t tell , I like The Twelves.

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DO YOU SEE THAT??  DO YOU SEE THAT SMALL TRIANGLE WITH A SMALLER TRIANGLE NEXT TO IT??  Those triangles represent the 3 beautiful readers of this blog.  Actually, maybe it was only two, with one person so enthralled by the copious amount of content posted here that he came back two days later.  If you are reading this, you have become your own triangle, or perhaps you have combined with other people to form a larger and more pointy triangle.  HELLO TRIANGLES!  Heck, if people start visiting on consecutive days, we could end up with some crazy pentagons, or even heptagons!  Anyway, onto other things.

It’s that time in the semester when it seems like there’s better options than going to class.  In fact, any option seems better.  The weather is nice, and the last thing you want to be doing is sitting in a classroom learning about Poisson random variables and how they’re distributed.  If I somehow make it out the door and walk to class, all I’ll be thinking about is how I want to stop walking to class, lay down in the grass, and listen to music.  I made this playlist in anticipation of the day when deciphering the Senegalese accent of my statistics professor is too much to bear.  It’s part damn-I-feel-cool-while-walking, part this-is-creepy-but-I-kinda-like-it, and part I-just-want-to-sit-outside-at-night-and-watch-the-Phillies.  I hope it makes you feel as apathetic as it does me!

You Should Probably Go to Class Mix

Note: Chase Utley appears here so that when you think of skipping class, you instead imagine Chase Utley saying “You Should Probably Go to Class.”  You will then go to class, because when Chase Utley tells you to do something, you do it.



1)  Passion Pit – Swimming In the Flood

2)  Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

3)  Broken Social Scene – Looks Just Like the Sun

4)  Bonobo – Days to Come

5)  Beach House – Norway

6)  The Notwist – One With The Freaks

7)  Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Final Fantasy Remix)

8)  Lali Puna – Scary World Theory

9)  Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer

10) Phoenix – Fences (25 Hrs a Day Remix)

11) Bonobo – Kiara

12) Memory Cassette – Surfin’

13) Philippians – Liz Ride

Recommended Listening

Chiddy Bang’s new mini-mixtape thing came out yesterday or something, and it’s official, Chiddy Bang is awesome.  They played at a frat house here at Penn State last night, which I had no idea about and missed.  Apparently they showed up 5 hours late and only got to play for a half hour before getting shut down due to loud noise. “Air Swell” as the mixtape is called has that wonderful awesome amazing remix of Under the Sheets by Ellie Goulding that I’m in love with.  The rest is pretty dang good too, so give it a listen.

Chiddy Bang – Air Swell

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CMPEN 331 Sucks

I’ve had the intention of starting this blog for quite a while, and all it took to finally start was the need to study.  A wonderful Computer Organization and Design exam awaits me later this evening, so naturally instead of studying I made a mix.  I’ve dubbed it the CMPEN 331 Procrastination Mix.  Catchy, I know.  It’s full of songs that make me want to leave school and follow summer as it moves around the world.  So, next time you’re thinking of studying, say fuck it, and listen to this.

CMPEN 331 Procrastination Mix



1)  Kid Cudi – Up Up & Away

2)  Chiddy Bang – Under The Sheets (Remix)

3)  Delorean – Deli

4)  Akon – Troublemaker

5)  MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker

6)  Rihanna – Rude Boy

7)  Delorean – Stay Close

8)  Vandalism – Umbrella (Remix)

9)  The Twelves – BBC 5 Min Mix

10)  Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

11) Die Antwoord – Enter the Ninja

12)  The Rapture – Whoo! Alright-Yeah…Uh Huh

13)  Miike Snow – Animal

14)  Black Kids – Hit the Heartbrakes

15)  Broken Bells – The High Road

16)  Delphic – Counterpoint

Stay tuned for more random recommendations/reviews/mixes/ramblings about music.

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