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I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while, but I finally put together some dance shit.  I say dance shit because I don’t know what to call it.  There’s some house, some electronic stuff, maybe some trip-hop, as well as some funky bits.  Funky Bits would make a good band name.

Mostly I was going for songs that are danceable, but there are definitely some songs on here that aren’t really.  So it’s pretty much all the songs that I felt like piking whenever I put this together.  It’s a mystery to everyone!  Even me!

Download Dance Shit

The first Google Image result for "dance shit". Note: the filename is "laserbeast_teeth.jpeg"


1) The Twelves – Works for Me

2) Tinie Tempah & Swedish House Mafia – Miami 2 Ibiza

3) Pendulum – Plasticworld

4) Monarchy – Maybe I’m Crazy

5) Steve Angello & An21 – Valodja

6) Steve Angello & Sebastien Ingrosso – Partouze

7) Miami Horror – Sometimes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix)

8 ) Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves Remix)

9) Axwell – Nothing But Love (Remode)

10) Cassette Kids – Lying Around (Diamond Cut Radio Edit)

11) Neelix – Disco Decay (Felguk Remix)

12) 80kidz – Reflex

13) Magic Machines – Sicky

14) Classixx – Cold Act Ill (Radio Mix)

15) Erlend Oye – Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix)

16) Classixx – I’ll Get You (Treasure Fingers Remix)

If you couldn’t tell , I like The Twelves.

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Yesterday, the video card on my laptop died.  So I most likely will not be making any new posts in the near future.  Not that I would have anyway.  Though today I listened to the new Cold War Kids album for the first time and wanted to put up a download link/share my thoughts.

There won’t be a download link, but so far I think most of the album is pretty forgettable.  Many of the songs have lost the edge that made Robbers & Cowards so awesome.  Though there are still some good parts, such as “Bulldozer,” which to my ears sounds like the best song on the record.  I really wanted to put up a little streaming thingy for it, but when I try to use my computer it turns into a crazy flashing mess.  Epileptics stay away.

I figured that someone would have posted all of the songs to youtube by now, but for some reason the one person who was posting all the songs from the record decided to leave out a few songs, including “Bulldozer”.  So you get nothing.

Anyways, Apple is supposedly fixing my poor computer for free, so hopefully it will be back and operational by the weekend, just in time for some Saturday Voxtrot lovin’, perhaps.

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I was recently browsing Pitchfork (an extreme rarity) when I noticed that lots of things I have been recommending appear in their “Best New Tracks” section.  So I feel pretty much useless.

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